Fiscal health of the state

I am a fiscal conservative, that is, I believe the state should operate under a budget and that expenses should not exceed revenues. Now Vermont does not have a balanced budget requirement under its constitution because historically we have been very good in not spending ourselves into poverty. I would like to continue that tradition. I am very concerned, as is GOP gubernatorial candidate Phil Scott, that in recent years the state has been increasing its spending at twice the rate our population’s personal income has risen. This has to stop.

Related to this is an imperative need to spend tax dollars wisely. The money the state spends is not the state’s money; it is yours and mine, and every person on a public payroll should be prepared to answer for their fiscal decision making.

We live in a small state, and at times (in fact many times) a decision to cut spending will affect a neighbor, or a friend, or a business associate. Yet at the same time maintaining that program or line item or expense just does not make sense any more and is a waste of the taxpayers’ hard earned dollars. We must be willing to sacrifice our own benefit for the good of the whole if we want to operate an efficient government.